Creating a real micronation

The purpose of this wiki is to gather information on the concept of creating micronations. Unlike many other resources, the emphasis is here on serious thinking about the matter. Whether you try to achieve actual independence by building a new nation, or it is a purely intellectual exercise, you are welcome to add your thoughts. If you have doubts about this kind of projects, that is fine. Sharpen your wit, and think about how the problems can be overcome. Where others ask "What?" or "Why?", this page is the "How to?".

If you look for websites that are similarly serious in thought, but more active, there are none few… the best one is surely Very recommended. As for this page, well, it is on a vacation of sorts.

Economical considerations

Strategies of success and failure

Methods of Independence

Links and Resources


Where should you start the future country, in the geographical, and political sense? The options range from tried to largely hypothetical:

To Do

  • work on the City On The Cheap study
  • Work some options more out
  • Add links where needed
  • More material in general and…
  • …more islands on the list
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