The purpose of this wiki is to gather information on the concept of creating micronations. Unlike many other resources, the emphasis is here on serious thinking about the matter. Whether you try to achieve actual independence by building a new nation, or it is a purely intellectual exercise, you are welcome to add your thoughts. If you have doubts about this kind of projects, that is fine. Sharpen your wit, and think about how the problems can be overcome. Where others ask "What?" or "Why?", here is the "How to?".

Rules of the place:

  • Theoretical as the discussion may be, it is to be applied in the real world.
  • It is not necessary to list here various micronations in whatever state of existence, there are much more complete resources. Actual examples will be only shown to demonstrate useful ideas. Short summaries are fine, please make your point(s) and refer to other resources.
  • Similar applies to scientifical, political, economical and other topics. Go into the depth necessary, but try not to go too deep.
  • No purely virtual, online, satirical, or for fun only micronations will be considered here (again, unless they contain useful ideas). There is nothing wrong with these kinds of micronations - most start in the virtual world anyway - but this website has a definite focus.
  • If at all possible, I would like to avoid political debates… nothing bad about them, but please not in this place.
  • The ideal situation would be that all statements are supported by facts and arguments. Apply common sense where necessary, but know that some personal opinions have probably crept in.
  • The usual reservations for a wiki apply, but the moderator would like to make this a worthy resource, that stays around for some time. Your cooperation is therefore very welcome.
  • Throughout the pages, terms as 'micronation', 'fledgling state', 'colony', and 'settlement' are used to denote the same thing. It would be really boring to repeat the same word over and over.

If what you find here is interesting, you may leave some thoughts on the forums. I will make some notes about the page on occasion.


Frankly, most of these ideas come directly from or are inspired by others; most ideas have probably been around for far longer. I link whenever there is a more detailed resource, but of course I will have forgotten half of the websites I have passed through, occasionally just noting a strip of an idea. So a big Thank You goes to all that have directly or indirectly contributed to this collection.

I have to thank some specific resources:

  • The Liberty Island forums, with many worthy discussions and beginnings. Special thanks go to Lost_in_Samoa.
  • The Micro-Nations forum, which pointed me to many places.


Perhaps I should answer at least this question - why did I start this page? Again and again, there arise projects for independence, small activities with fierce ideals, and passionate followers… and then they fizzle out, for they did not know what they were getting into, or it seemed simply too hard to get through all the necessary steps. This website should take off at least part of the load, and gather various ideas, and things that shouldn't be forgotten.

I hope it is useful for you.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License