To create a micronation is in many aspects the ultimate escapist fantasy. Why keep trying to adapt the world around you, when you can start completely anew? You can be the king of the hill, or enjoy true freedom; prove once and for all that your favorite political/economical system DOES work, or avoid the intrusive governments of today. But it is not easy… examples that come even close are extremely rare. That doesn't stop many from trying.

The reason I have created this website was yet another post in yet another forum. It was everywhere the same: somebody gets the great idea of getting their own island, and making it a state in it's own right. People are intrigued with the idea, post for their very life, then… a few weeks later, the amazing idea is dead, or left festering on some lost website.

It happened many times, and it will many times more.

To create at least something lasting from all those debates, this place shall capture all thoughts on the practical realization of the problem, explore various ways, and potential plans. Your ideas are welcome.

The founder proclaims his sympathy to the project, but may withdraw after an unspecified period when/if he loses interest, or has a lack of time. When the time comes, he is more than eager to pass on the website to others who may find it useful.

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