Herm Island


Herm Island, one of the Channel Islands is a popular tourist destination, and there is a 40-year leasehold on the property on offer for the paltry price of £15 million.


Those eager to get it should know that they will not gain full sovereignty, but a legitimate area with few laws and low taxes, and that amounts to something.

"The island is now a popular destination for tourists during the summer months, when thousands of visitors make the short ferry journey across from the larger Channel Island, attracted by the unspoilt natural beauty and sandy beaches.

Millions of pounds have also been invested in upgrading and improving Herm's infrastructure and facilities, again making it more attractive to visitors.

Facilities on the island now include self-catering cottages, a campsite, staff quarters and housing for 150 people."

Total area: 2 km²


Inhabited - it is expected that the owner will allow tourists to roam about; possibly also take care of existing inhabitants
Water source - not outright mentioned, but with its size and history it is a given

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