Kermadec Islands

A group of islands formally belonging to New Zealand. Their total area is 33.08 kmĀ². The islands are uninhabited, except for the permanently manned Raoul Island Station, a government meteorological and radio station and hostel for Department of Conservation officers and volunteers that has been maintained since 1937 on the northern terraces of Raoul Island, about 50 m in elevation above the cliffs of Fleetwood Bluff. Raoul Island Station represents the northernmost outpost of New Zealand.

The islands are of volcanic origin, some are still geologically active.

Efforts are currently underway to remove the rats and cats from the islands, as well as some of the invasive exotic plants.Visits to the islands are restricted by the Department of Conservation. The Department allows visits to Raoul by volunteers assisting in environmental restoration or monitoring projects, and other visitors engaged in nature study. Visits to the other islands are generally restricted to those engaged in scientific study of the islands.


Large, but with some downsides, the most likely candidate to keep hold here would be a research station.


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