Pitcairn Islands


Famous for the Mutiny-on-the-Bounty origin, there is actually a colony here, numbering nowadays about fifty people. Officially a British Overseas Territory, there have been claims the UK is no longer interested in running it. There has been a seriously considered attempt to buy one island before, but it failed eventually due to ecological activists.

By the mid-1850s the community was outgrowing the island and its leaders appealed to the British government for assistance. They were offered Norfolk Island and on 3 May 1856, the entire community of 193 people set sail for Norfolk on board the Morayshire, arriving on 8 June after a miserable five-week trip. But after eighteen months on Norfolk, seventeen of the Pitcairners returned to their home island; five years later another twenty-seven did the same. Since a population peak of 233 in 1937, the island has been suffering from emigration, primarily to New Zealand, leaving some fifty people living on Pitcairn.

There are four islands: (follow links from the Wikipedia page)

  • Pitcairn - the main one, permanently settled
  • Henderson - actually the largest, but with difficult access, and no water source
  • Ducie - a tiny islet
  • Oeno - also a tiny islet, but with a large atoll around; serving as a holiday site, with trees and a water tap… it could be possible to grow it


This place could have been declared independent long ago… and the locals may be willing to move away completely


Water source

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