What are those things?


A micronation (cybernation, fantasy country, model country, new country project, pseudonation, counternation, ephemeral state, online nation, and so on) is an entity intended to replace, resemble, mock, or exist on equal footing with recognized independent states. Some micronations are created with serious intent, while others exist as a hobby or stunt. For the most part they exist only on paper, on the Internet, or in the minds of their creators and participants.

A few have managed to achieve some degree of recognition.

The term has come to describe many small unrecognized state-like entities that have arisen in the last few decades, and even before that. (Micronations should not be confused with legitimately recognized, but geographically tiny nations such as Fiji, Monaco, and San Marino.)

Current state of micronationalism

The phenomenon seems to be well alive, in no small part thanks to the Internet. There are literally thousands of such groups at any moment, often lasting a moment only to disappear later. Some last for years, a few for decades.

Very frequent are simulations, that seek to emulate certain social, economic, political, or historical conditions. Some micronations are exercises in personal entertainment. Some are a matter of artistic expression. Others promote a certain agenda… but enough of categorizing.

And here?

This particular website gathers information of usefulness for the so-called New-country projects, projects, that aim for real souvereignty, trying to get, or already having own territory.

All the examples and ideas are listed here to help along such a project. Note also that mentions of older territories now sometimes called micronations are avoided if possible, as there is little need for, say, Vatican to defend its existence. A micronation apt to arise today is likely to face different challenges than those founded fifty years, or hundred years before.

Let's hope the website will help somebody to bring one to completness.


The Montevideo Convention was one attempt to create a legal definition distinguishing between states and non-states. Some micronations meet this definition, some do not, some have rejected the Convention altogether.

See also the defining websites of Wikia (quoted here) and Wikipedia, with many more thoughts on the topic, and examples.

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