Another more theoretical option, it approaches reality slowly. The technology seems to be all there, now it is a question of cost and will.

Lifestyle considerations

Definitely a different experience. The quarters will be probably small, but the view can be astounding.


If you go deep enough, most weather related problems can be ignored. Earthquakes and other geological phenomena are more important, and your life depends on the air supply.

Preventive measures/solutions: solid undersea architectonic work required, marine life-support technologies are vital.

As in the other exotic locations, the inhabitants may after some time face psychological issues due to their isolation and the claustrophobic conditions.

Preventive measures/solutions: good preparation, sorting of candidates, have enough distractions at hand and if possible some sort of advisory.




You will have to build one for yourself.

Legal status



Some pretty pictures can be seen here.

Jule's Lodge is a working example of living underwater habitat, or in this case, hotel.

(more examples and attempts)

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